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Mittagsmenu 13:00 bis 15-16:00 , Abends ab 18:00. Trinkgeld 5-10% . Kinder sind herzlich willkommen.

Viele Restaurants bieten Speisekarten zum Festpreis an. Entweder mit einem einzigen Kurs, 2 bis 3-Gänge-Menüs inklusive Getränke sowie Kaffee. Gut und Preiswert Alternative zum a la Carte.


Son Parc Restaurantführer

See Interactive Map for locations.

note - we have no connection to these bars and restaurants and are just a guide.

Check the locations map as Son Parc's bars and restaurants are clustered together but in three different places across the resort.


There is a range from simple combination dishes to spanish and mediteranean cuisine. There is an obligatory chinese restaurant. The most are in the main commercial area on the road that leads to the beach car park.

Recommended Restaurants on Menorca

Restaurant Cuisine Style
Pinomar Spanish Classical
Can Pipa Spanish ( paella, rice dishes) Basic


There are two large beach bars at either end also serving full meals should you not want to stray from the beach.

BJs at resort entrance. Half Moon ( British pub ) Tots Bars ( small & friendly )

Bar Style
BJ Sports Bar

Interactive Karte - Son Parc  Bars und Restaurants

son parc, Menorca

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