Wandern und Landschaft

With so much of the island preserved by environmental laws the island has many, many beautiful places to walk and discover.

Its important to walk at the right time of day and to have plenty of water with you. And dont forget when walking close to the coast to have swimwear and a towel so you can take that well earnt swin on that remote beach you've reached!

There are deep lush gorges that start in the centre of the island and meander to the coast to open up out into a beautiful beaches. Take a walk early morning or evening in S'Albufera National park and enjoy a drink on the beach in Es Grau.

wandern und cami de cavalls


Always have a towel, swim wear, sunscreen and water with you.


There is a modern sports centre in Mahon offering, indoor swimming pool, floodlight tennis courts, Fitness centre.


The island is rapidly ( for menorca at least :-) ) discovering cycling and making bigger efforts to provide for it. While there are very few purpose made cycle ways, alongside roads cyclists are allowed to use the 1m plus margins at the side of most of the major roads. There is now an increasing network of signposted recommened routes and more and more places offering cycle hire. Note most cycling requires an off road capable two wheeler!


The island has an extensive nextwork of the original horse bridalways ( " Cami de Caval" ) built long before the arrival of the motor car. There have been extensive projects to re-open these and signpost them as part of cycle tracks. Still only suitable for off road machines but increasingly signposted. Best to just go. The island is so small you'll never get lost!

Mit dem Rad auf Menorca

Trips into the past

There are so many stone structures from Menorca's rich past its difficult sometimes literally not to trip over them. You don't have to be a historian to appreciate them. At some of the sites you get a real sense of life in its most primitive form. A few short years ago many of the sites were completely open, now some 30 or so have been made more accessible to the public complete with guide information and signange but charge a moderate entrance fee to cover personal and upkeep costs. But well worth it.

Menorca Tips

Visit late afternoons when the light is best and heat of the day is over. They may have shut up the ticket office but you can still go in and visit . Oh and make sure "little Johnny" does not scramble over the stones that have survived many,many years pre Johnny times :-)


Horses & Ponies

The horse holds a special place in the hearts of the islanders. The Island native race is a magnificent beautiful animal. You can enjoy the island scenery from on top of and behind (in a carriage) a horse. Ride through enchanting woods, gallop along the beach. Riders of all levels are catered for.


Menorca's crystal clear warm waters make snorkelling a real pleasure. Many of the southern beaches are in sheltered bays of gently shelving sand with borders of rocks making them ideal for snorkelling. Is the Ultimate Family Sport. From your own resort beach or via organised trips from boats to special locations.

Organised trip companies:

Menorca Tips

Cala en Porter has superb snorkelling in a spectacular location, with a great beach for other members of the party and you can buy basic equipment along the beach promenade. Cales Coves is a wonderful snorkel area with great back drop scenery.

Ausflugtipps auf Menorca

Private Boat excursions

A big part of the beauty of the island is that that you can't see from the land, but from the sea. The island's coastline and it's many seculded coves and beaches that can only be reached by boat. Boats can be charted by the half and full day with all the necessary crew and can be a real treat for all.

Join a regulary boat excursion to different parts of the islands' beautful cosatline and see the coves and beaches hidden from land.

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